Business Growth Partner

For ambitious and demanding companies

More than ever, success will come through a massive investment in human capital and through engagement of all Company resources.


Assessment & diagnostic
Strategic consultation
Modernization & innovation
Action plan, metrics of success
Governance, organization management
Human Resources
Data management (BI, ML)


Dynamic of change
Project management
Process optimization
Team engagement
Transformation of organizations
Conferences and webinars
Team off sites
Working groups


Personalized support
For CEO/business creators, managers, employees, students
Individuals looking for a job or for a change in their career
Assessment technics and tools, determination methods, dynamic of action


• Strength of the team 

• Citizenship 

• Commitment

Notre mission

Our mission

BROOKLYN partners with companies in their evolution and growth, at national and international level. Our mission is to hand on our know-how and share our expertise to help our customers to solve most complex problems.
Our scope spans from strategy definition to operational implementation.
We contribute to improve teams efficiency and engagement, and to master data usage.
BROOKLYN method is based on 3 strong and complementary principles which are Evaluation, Action Plan and Execution, it relies on robust and efficient tools for your Company success

Elle s’appuie sur des outils robustes et efficaces
pour la réussite
de votre entreprise.

Brooklyn Business Management

Our offers

BROOKLYN stands out by its strong experience in people management, process and tools proficiency, and by its culture of data and analytics.
The BROOKLYN Team has developed a winning expertise in innovation and growth on ambitious and complex projects.


We help to optimize models and transform structures, identify and impulse necessary changes.


BROOKLYN ensures a step back process and favours a systemic approach covering management, organizational, performance and profitability aspects.


Employees are the richest asset of the Company; they must be associated to the ambitions and be acting in the decisions.


Companies have more data and information at hand than ever. However, that does not mean more knowledge or successful strategies.


A systemic approach and a good knowledge and handle of our company processes lead to efficiency, gain of time and cost optimization.


First contact is key, we offer it to our customers
The interaction with our customers is based on sharing, pragmatism, and demand.

Let’s talk about your need

BROOKLYN proposes an accompanying solution that fit your needs and ambitions
This is during our discussion and through interactions, that it becomes possible to understand the context and the situation of your Company, to identify together opportunities and challenges, and then build together a wining strategy along with a strong and measurable action plan.

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Want to know more

Market evolutions and current economic / sanitary crisis increase uncertainty. A Company must make choices for growth, for operational transformation and set priorities to optimize costs and develop revenue. It must be agile and adaptable, favour innovation by mastering new technologies.

Who I am

After 30 years spent in large international companies, I decided to share my skills and know-how.
Growth strategy, transformation and innovation, change dynamics and team commitment, I know the technics and certainly the solutions you need.
Tell me more about your business and your challenges, and I will accompany you to modernize your profession, reveal the talents of your teams, and boost your business.


This approach aims at reconciling productivity and work quality to ensure a major step forward in the Business.
EVALUATION « The most important is the question » – Assessment, interviews, analysis and thinking
ACTION PLAN « Choosing is renouncing » – feedbacks, advices, planning, ratification
EXECUTION « Power is in the pack » – Implementation, tracking, measure of success


We help on identifying and analyzing levers of growth and operational models as well as formalizing a strategic approach.
We partner to define aspiring, realistic and measurable KPIs.
BROOKLYN brings a structured approach to mentor his customers in managing change.


In this context, the leader must be agile, must know how to communicate, favour innovation, and invest in human capital.
BROOKLYN offers easy to use, efficient and effective Management technics to promote a positive energy in the Company, to develop efficiency and resilience of your resources and ensure commitment from all.


BROOKLYN guides you to transform your data in trusted and useful information.
> Identify and qualify Company data
> Integrate and classify data
> Visualize and use your KPIs


Brook-Lean method consists of an assessment and a detailed analysis of the different components of your ecosystem. Then comes the implementation of efficient selected solutions (standardization, optimization, rationalization), management of priorities and control of results.